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Catamaran vs Monohull

STABILITY AND SAFETY Unsinkable structure No-heel environment, smooth cruising Inherent stability Easy operation and sail handling Safer for navigation with children on board Easier access from water Duplicate systems for maximimum reliability More vulnerable hull type Roll motion (seasickness, injury risk, fatigue) Often requires stabilizers More experience required Less family-friendly than a catamaran Less stable, no transom steps Less redundancy, risk of single point failure DRAFT AND EFFICIENCY Access to the best anchorages A more dynamic motion More fuel efficiency… Read More »Catamaran vs Monohull

MUL-TEA-HULL TALKS with Francis Lapp

In the first edition of MUL-TEA-HULL TALKS we meet Sunreef Yachts’ Founder and President Francis Lapp over a cup of tea to answer various questions from brand enthusiasts across the globe.

solar yachts

Sunreef Yachts’ Virtual Press Conference on Earth Day 2020

Enjoy a full video recap of Sunreef Yachts’ virtual press conference on Earth Day 2020. Racing champion and sustainability expert Nico Rosberg has met the Sunreef Yachts team online for an inspiring exchange of ideas on the latest eco yacht trends and technical developments Sunreef Yachts Eco catamarans. Company helmsman Francis Lapp along with R&Director Nicolas Lapp shed some light on the shipyard’s new Eco range of luxury catamarans as they discuss energy generation, solar yachts, sustainable design and new… Read More »Sunreef Yachts’ Virtual Press Conference on Earth Day 2020

Africa Eco Race 2020

Sunreef at the 2020 Africa Eco Race

Kicking off the year with a dose of adventure, Sunreef Yachts were the proud main sponsors of the exciting off-road Africa Eco Race 2020 in January. Starting the journey in the capital of yachting on January 8th, 300 vehicles made up of 700 participating drivers made their way from Monaco through the beautiful coastal roads of the Mediterranean and onwards to Africa to cross the finish line on 19th January in Senegal. An avid motorsports enthusiast, Francis Lapp, Founder and… Read More »Sunreef at the 2020 Africa Eco Race

LUXURY yacht trends with Francis Lapp

Francis Lapp took his love for sailing to a new level when he opened the Sunreef Yachts doors in Poland in 2003, though the road to acceptance was not easy. For many at the time, it was simply too difficult to believe that catamarans could make a viable base for a high-quality, luxury product with a real impact on luxury yacht trends. At the time, the majority of catamaran owners used their yachts as either racing boats or cheaper leisure… Read More »LUXURY yacht trends with Francis Lapp